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Appeal Template
Started by Zeromaniac

Hello and welcome to the official Zero-Bit Appeal Template!


For your appeal to be considered, please follow a few simple rules:

  • Copy the entire template below and add your answers under each question in a new topic, do not reply to this post
  • Do not lie in your answers to 'look better'
  • If you forgot to add something, please edit your appeal, don't post a new one

Additional note:

The Owners of Zero-Bit are not the only ones to decide on appeals. Admins will be consulted for each appeal, which can cause a delay in decisions as time zones may differ within the team. 
Best of luck.
~ Zeromaniac



What is your minecraft username?

What is your discord name and tag?

When (at least day + month) and where (server) were you punished?

What punishment did you receive (ban, kick, mute, warning)?

Who issued your punishment?

Why do you think your punishment was unreasonable?