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Staff Responsibilities
Started by Zeromaniac

Staff Responsibilities Overview

Foreword: Some may wonder how our staff team is structured and 

who is responsible for what tasks. For transparency, I decided this post shall be public.

  • Technical: Owners maintain the server, not only the things you see, but also things you don't see, such as the operating system.
  • Server related payments:  Owners pick the hosting service(s) this network uses and make sure to pay them on time to avoid outages.
  • Server settings: Unless a staff member is asked to, only Owners touch any server related settings.
  • Website and panel: Owners maintain and configure all web services, including this website and our control panel for all server instances.
  • Advertisement: Owners are the only ones who are allowed to register Zero-Bit on any minecraft server advertising site. Other ads such as facebook/twitter/etc. are not covered here, these are free to be promoted by any user, not only staff. 
  • Staff hiring: Owners have the authority to pick staff and hire or fire them at any given point and time with or without reason/warning. Usually, this is not done though. Instead, Owners rely on votings for/against a staff hire/fire where the majority counts. In cases of a draw, a new vote may be held at a later time or Owners finalize the vote.

  • General: Admins are the only staff capable of executing harsh punishments. This is for a reason. Any Moderator hitting their capability limit is to contact an Admin - not Owners - to take the appropriate action based on our rules. Admins should also never hesitate to act as the Owner(s) advisor and speak up about anything they are concerned about/have ideas for. Moderating the chat or catching hackers/cheats is not an Admin's job - this is what Mods and Helpers exist for, but they are to intervene if no other staff is available or fails to handle a situation, and in that case, tend to the staff member afterwards to make sure to fill whichever gap hindered the staff member from doing their job. Admins are not immune to having to provide proof for punishment-reasons in our proof channel on discord.
  • Staff training: Admins are Admin because they are highly trusted by the Owner(s) and because they know the server inside out. This is why Admins are responsible for training, educating, correcting and advising fellow staff members. How they organize themselves for doing so is up to them. Admins may request any service added by Owner(s) to help them organize themselves with their trainee(s).
  • Hire/Fire suggestions: Due to the abilities of Admins, it's their job to observe/spy on Mods and Helpers and suggest staff hires and fires to the Owner(s). They are to observe activities and make recommendations. 
  • Punishment reviews: Admins are responsible for reviewing punishments issued by Moderators and Helpers recursively. Essentially, Admins taught Helpers and Moderators, so it is their job to ensure the lessons given stuck. 

  • General: Moderators are mainly responsible for finding cheaters/rule breakers. They quite literally 'moderate' the game as well as discord, but chat violations should not be their main concern. Upon issuing punishments, they are to provide proof either in form of screenshots or video in our proof channel like any other staff.
  • Forwarding: If a Moderator hits their punishment capability limit, they are to take care of a situation as best as they can (for example temp ban for as long as possible if it is clear that a permanent ban will be needed from an Admin) and inform an Admin - not Owners - about further actions being needed on the proof post in form of a tag for the entire Admin role. This also means that regardless of a Moderator's limited capabilities, they should still know the rules so well that they can confidently act on situations that need sorting out.
  • Helpers' helper: Moderators should always have the Helpers' back, the same way Admins should do with Mods. In case a Helper tags the Moderator role, they should either take care of the situation requested, or at least tag Admins if necessary.

  • General: Helpers mainly take care of the chat in both game and discord. Like any other staff member, they have to provide sufficient proof as to why they punished a player. Helpers may be very limited in term of punishment allowance, however that does not mean they are to plain ignore when they found a player to be cheating only because they themselves cannot take care of it. 
  • Forwarding: Whenever a Helper reaches their limit for punishments, they are free to tag the entire Moderator role in discord to notify Moderators of a situation needing further resolving. 



All staff members should adhere to the order in which notifications are given. Helpers should never tag the Admin role, but Moderators instead. But why is that? It really isn't the Helper's job to judge whether or not a case requires a Moderator or Admin. Sticking to tagging just the next role above one's own provides stability and avoids confusion, it's fail safe. Furthermore, higher staff inherit roles, meaning a tag for Moderators will also tag Admins automatically, again, making it fail safe in cases of Moderators being absent/inactive/unavailable.

About who's on top

I would like to invite you to question your view of role order as hierarchy. Most often, Helpers are viewed as the lowest in the 'food chain' - total nonesense if you ask me. If we didn't have Helpers, there would be so much more to do to buffer the gap for Moderators and Admins. If every staff member sticks with the given operation order, while still being able to get away from the 'higher/lower than...' view, we will truly be able to become a team - as is my vision.

This post may be altered in the future without notice.