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Staff Application Template
Started by Zeromaniac

Hello and welcome to the official Zero-Bit Staff Application Template!


For your application to be considered, please follow a few simple rules:

  • Copy the entire template below and add your answers under each question in a new topic, do not reply to this post
  • Do not lie in your answers to 'look better'
  • If you forgot to add something, please edit your application, don't post a new one
  • Please do not apply more than once a month

Additional note:

The Owners of Zero-Bit are not the only ones to decide on staff applications. Admins will be consulted for each application, which can cause a delay in decisions as time zones may differ within the team. 
Best of luck to all applicants!
~ Zeromaniac



What is your minecraft username?

What is your discord name and tag?

How old are you currently?

What is your time zone?

Were you referred by a current staff member? If so, by who?

Which staff position are you applying for?

Roughly when did you first join Zero-Bit?

Which gamemode do you mostly play (i.e. Survival, Skyblock, PvP Games)?

Do you have any previous experience being staff? If so, please elaborate.

Do you personally agree with our server rules? Please state why.

What makes you think you are ready to represent the Zero-Bit Network as official staff member? 

When we decided on your application, would you like us to also include the reason why you were accepted/denied?


  • party x1