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My staff app, i did it wrong the first time my bAd
Started by Noortherner

What us your Minecraft username? 
--- Rehzien

What is your Discord name and tag?
--- Soul Keeper#1111

How old are you currently? 
--- 21

What is your time zone?
--- GMT -04:00

Were you referred by a current staff member? If so, by who?
--- you, zero. LOL

Which staff position are you applying for?
--- Helper, or wherever you decide I best fit.

Roughly when did you first join Zero-Bit?
--- I was a beta-tester for like.. one day before the server publicly opened

Which gamemode do you mostly play (i.e. Survival, Skyblock, PvP Games)?
--- Survival

Do you have any previous experience being staff? If so, please elaborate.
--- As you know, i was an admin of 8 months on an old server. An old SoupPvp admin, and a helper on a Pixelmon server. (its been down for a while so.. :
Do you personally agree with our server rules? Please state why.
--- They just make sense, doesn't detract from the overall experience in-game. Simple rules that just should be followed universally.

What makes you think you are ready to represent the Zero-Bit Network as an official staff member?
--- Zero is my bbg, and i have always trusted hers and GitBit's (Midnight's) vision and will continue to for as long as I am on this Earth.

When we decided on your application, would you like us to also include the reason you were accepted/denied?
--- Yes, please critique me- I need validation

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Personally I agree with you joining the team. I know I can trust you, there's just nothing that speaks against having you as far as I'm aware. Admins were notified about your application and asked to reply here with their desicion.

My vote: yes
Postition suggested: Helper

Known you long enough, I'd be glad if you join us as a Helper! Nothing against you so ✅

I think you'd be a great addition to the staff team. I've known you for a few years from different servers and I can't think of a reason to deny the application.

Vote: Yes

Position: Helper

Very active player and helpful to others. I think you would be a good asset to the team, yes from me

Seems like you will be a great addition to the team. Its a yes from me.


Welcome to the team! 


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